Asked a help to Devil

I want to tell a witness that makes me very sad. Personally, I knew this girl well, often I prayed for her. Many Christians do not appreciate God’s great mercy.

Sophie is an orphan raised by her grandfather. Sophie remembers that the grandother always had a Great Depression, she was scorned and humiliated, were often disputes as a little girl in a lot of it did not understand why it was in dispute.

Then one day, the she found grandmother dead  she committed suicide jumped from a window high-rise home.
Sophie’s mother also struggled with depression attacks. Mother of the family did not listen to nobody.
Mother’s father (Sophie’s grandfather) was the leader of the upbringing of their daughter and controlled her every action and thought him to be a woman who has no value.
This family was brought up Muslim faith. Grandfather and firmly stated his belief, his faith affiliation.
Sophia’s mother did not pass the contempt and committed suicide by drinking vinegar essence.

Grandfather’s upbringing, negative impact on the girl. She joined the School of Theology, which is 1.5. On the left, to escape the ‘terror’
Sofia fled from their homes, looking for independent work, so as not to depend on his grandfather.
At age of 24, she found a nanny job in private, rented an apartment. Then open up new doors to foreign countries to work as a nanny, has also had to pay more and they were accepted. Sofia got new skills quickly mastered the Finnish and English.
Family, where she worked on the children, no longer her help was not needed because the children were assigned to kindergarten.
Sophie returned to Riga, actively searching for work, but work was not. She tried to pray, to get work abroad again. Work was not.
They save money and came to an end. Grandfather, and was always frustrated, he spoke aloud, as had lost their hearing. 80s age, remained critical health condition deteriorated. The apartment was on TV the whole volume (because of their deafness),the neighbors came out and was angry because the peace was disturbed.

Fridays´evening. A lot of mass media turned their attention to concert performed by “Metalic” People already know this band very well. Concert happened in club called “Black friday”. In that night Sofia was walking in the Old Rigas streets for long time and she didd not feel like going home, then she saw posters about concert and she decided to take a look at it.


Upon entering the great hall, loud music, screaming, excited breath. The crowd of young people with shouts of jubilation and was in front of the stage. They all rejoiced as these sounds, and their inappropriate behavior showed that the worship music.

Sophia ran into the glamorous idea in mind: If God does not help me find a job abroad; perhaps the devil can hear me earlier? … Because I do not care from where is the help when … is so, and continued his thoughts and words were heard over the lips : devil, if you’re here and you can help me, I will abandon themselves to you and help me get a nanny overseas job …, this music with crazy sound, Sofia merged with other young people.

The next day Sophie received the news of an offer of employment from abroad. She was happy, and soon went to new jobs on offer abroad.

It was not long his new job when she was expelled.

To go back to the house, Sophie got into the coach luggage fee Finnish bus at the bottom of the small Finnish placed them side by side. Taking its place indicated, she noticed with horror that the people sitting in the bus, the appearance of the devil. Fear swept through her ​​body, she ran to the driver and asked to stop. After 40 min. trip bus stopped, Sophie ran in fear, anything without first checking with you, back and never returned. Cold spent the night in the woods. Her delusion turned into nightmare.

Month long she treated psychiatric hospital. Doctors diagnosed her with schizophrenia

Soon, Sophie gave a group of diseases. And are dependent on drugs.

By coming to the realization, Sophie realized that had given his soul to Satan.

Asking God for forgiveness, knowing that the self can not be changed, but God can intervene. Humble, God gives grace.

Never, ever the devil does not call for help, because the path back to God is a much more challenging.

Satan is just waiting for their brandished, without permission, he can not enter.

Satan’s plan is only to steal, kill, and destroy….

John 10, 10

“The thief only comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.”

If Goddoed not reply , once you’ve asked for it, be patient, because God knows better which time it will be necessary.Faith waiting is worth gold, remember God will never miss. Do not serve two masters.

Acts 3:19

Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out, that so there may come times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord,” 

Jesus Loves you

Pastor. Terese Ivashko